Car rental agreement with driver

Car rental agreement with driver:

Contract number : "__Client__ ID"

Belgium Driver Services - whose registered office is located at Boulevard du Midi 52 – 1000 Brussels. registered with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises under the number BE0694.834.457 operator of a vehicle rental service with driver and holder of an operating license no. L255 - L4027 issued by the services of Bruxelles Mobilité on 22/10/2020. Hereinafter referred to as "__the lessor__",

hereinafter referred to as “__Partner__”. See Appendix


  1. Mercedes Benz Class V: Identification number: L255 > Registration: T-XAJ-848
  2. Mercedes Benz Class E: Identification number: L4027 > Registration: T-LAK-499

The lessor provides the customer with the following vehicle (s) with driver (*):

  • The price of the service (s) is 30 EUR / hour excluding VAT

« The trip for which this agreement is concluded is part of a set of trips that have a total duration of at least 3 hours and 90 euros (indexed where applicable), excluding VAT. This is the only circumstance for which the rental of a car with a driver is legally permitted. The duration of 3 hours may not be consecutive. It can also be split over time. Transport services do not necessarily have to be concluded for a period of three (3) consecutive hours«

Payment must be made no later than 14 days after receipt of the invoice to the following bank account:

  • BE64 0019 3495 1552 with the contract number in communication.

The provisions of the ordinance of April 27, 1995 relating to taxi services and vehicle rental services with driver and its implementing decrees are fully applicable.

(*) In the absence of prior knowledge of the vehicle (s) for the execution of this contract, append the complete list of all the vehicles available.

(**) This contract is signed and accepted online by checking the box " Terms & Conditions »Via the reservation form.

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